Classification of Maize

  • 1

    Dent corn (Zea mays indentata Sturt)

  • 2

    Flint corn (Zea mays indurate Sturt)

  • 3

    Pop corn (Zea mays everta Sturt)

  • 4

    Flour corn (Zea mays amylacea Sturt)

  • 5

    Sweet corn (Zea mays saccharata Sturt)

  • 6

    Pod corn(Zea mays tunicate Sturt)

  • 7

    Waxy corn(Zea mays ceratina Kulesh)

  • 8

    Baby corn (Zea mays)

Product Description

It is popularly known as dent corn. In this type of maize kernels have both hard and soft starches. On the top of the dent corn kernel having yellow or white colour. In the drying and shrinking of the soft starch, various forms and degrees of indentation result.

The endosperm in this type of maize kernel is soft and starchy in the center. Kernels of this type are rounded on the top. Colour may de white or yellow. It is grown in Europe, Asia, Central America and South America as well it is a principal type of grown in India.

It possesses exceptional popping qualities.Size of kernels is small with hard corneous endosperm. The grains are used for human consumption and is the basis of pop-corn confections.

It is also known as soft corn. It resembles to the flint corn in appearance and characteristics. It possesses a soft endosperm. Kernels are soft and of all colours, but white and blue are most common. The grains are composed of soft starch and have little or not dent.

The sugar and starch make the major component of the endosperm that result in sweetish taste of the kernels. It has sweeter taste than other corns. The cobs are picked up green for table and canning purposes.

Each kernel is enclosed in pod or husk in an ear which is enclosed in husks like other types of corn. It is a primitive type of corn and hence of no importance.

The endosperm of the kernel when cut or broken gives a waxy appearance. Its origin is supposed to de in China.

Grown for young babies (cobs) to be used for vegetable soup and salad. Boby corn rich in minerals and vitamins.

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